Summer, heat, swimming in the sea, breeze. One thing is for sure… you don’t want to let your long hair down. That is why the Space Buns hairstyle has become the number one hair trend this season.

Where does it come from?

Princess Leia’s signature hairstyle is coming back into fashion, not by chance as the new series of star wars have become very popular and we can see its effect everywhere. Of course, everything is being updated and the same has happened to the hairstyle, which is now more playful and discreet than its original version.


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The different styles

The space buns hairstyle may look more casual, but depending on the way you create it, it can take you everywhere. The carefree style where it is held more loosely, with some graceful pulls and tugs, is ideal for your summer strolls as well as going to the beach. On the other hand if you create a more sleek style you can choose it for your evening cocktails.

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How to recreate it

For the messy style simply part your hair down the middle and pull them into two pigtails, as high as possible. Create a bun by wrapping it in a spiral around the base of your pigtail and hold them in place with hairpins. You can also tease them to add more volume. Leave the ends free or hide them under the buns with hairpins. Let some runaway tendrils for a bohemian aesthetic.

For the sleek style, first apply styling gel or paste to prevent flyaways. Part them down the middle and pull them into two pigtails as high as you possible. Make the braids and then twist the braids around their base. Hide the ends of the hair under the buns and then hold them in place with hairpins.