Great loves are born, grows stronger and leave scars on our souls, to remind us that we’ve once gave a part of us to another person. Crazy, passionate and karmic loves of movie stars that made history. See bellow the greatest love stories that were born inside the film set.



A great love was born in the set of the movie “Cleopatra” in 1963. They fell in love at first sight. Although they were married, this did not stop them. A destructive love, full of frictions, fights, separations and reunions, which lasted fourteen years. A year after they met, they got a divorce from their partners. they got married, to divorce and remarry again. A year later, they divorced permanently. For the world, they were the golden and beloved couple of Hollywood they acted many times together. Photos of their personal lives were constantly featured in the covers of the newspapers. “Elizabeth is my eternal one night stand, my personal, mistress,” Burton narrated in his diary, which was published in 2012. The actor also states that their relationship was full of jealousy, fights and a lot of alcohol. In their case, opposite may be attracted, but that does not mean they can last.




He was one of the most famous film producers, she was a young and beautiful Italian girl. They met for the first time at the “Miss Eleganza” beauty contest, in which Ponti was a judge, and they fell in love at first sight. He was enchanted by her beauty, she loved his mind, the combination was unique. Ponti was her mentor, he advised her to learn English and study acting, she listened to him and she was rewarded. When Carlo Ponti met Lοren he was already married and much older than her, so the scandal broke out. The couple had been together for seven years when they decided to get married. They got married in Atlanta, USA, without him getting a divorce. That was even a bigger scandal. The couple cancelled the wedding before being accused for bigamy. Finally in 1965, he divorced, married the Italian diva and they had two sons. Their relationship lasted 50 years, until Ponti died. Some loves last “forever”.



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Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart, a strong relationship of endless passion. In the “Casablanca” set, the handsome actor may have had a great love affair with Ingrid Bergman, but in real life he fell in love with Lauren Bacall. They first met on the set of the movie “Have and to have not” and since then they have never been separated. They had a secret affair, since he was married and the rumors about the romance grew strong. They were married on May 12th, 1945, after Bogart’s divorce was finalized. The famous beauty in her biography, described their wedding as an none ending honeymoon. Nevertheless, as a married couple faced constant infidelities and frictions, as a result of the age difference between them. They loved each other so much that only death could separate them. One morning Bacall got up to take their children to school and before she left, she kissed him, telling him she would be back soon. Bogart replied, “Goodbye, kid”. The legendary actor suffered from a incurable disease and although his health seemed to improve, months later it deteriorated severely.




There were classmates, co-stars, competitors, spouses, parents but above all two people who loved each other completely until the end. They met at the drama school of the National Theater and since then they despised and competed each other. They co-starred many times, having a great impact to the public. The newspapers of the era wrote that their personal relationships were miserable. But at the end, love came into their lives, putting aside any rivalry or conflict between them. Although they married and had a child, love was not enough to end their vanity. Their married life was filled with fights and constant rivalries. Their marriage finally ended in 1975, with the glamorous co-stars in court to claim their common property. Years later, they collaborated again in the theater and their relationship was restored. They have remained friends ever since. In each of their interviews, they emphasized how much they loved each other. When Vougiouklaki passed away, Papamichael was by her side until her last moments.