Jewelry and accessories in general are what makes a look stand out. This season the trend in accessories is all about necklaces, mainly chained ones and less is more, is not the case here. Also the hoop earrings and wearing a lot of rings at once are in the statement jewelry of the year.

Here we will talk about necklaces in particular and how you can match them with either a minimalist style, or wearing them all together. You’ll see this season you can combine different lengths, colors, stones, and geometric shapes.

For proper layering you need to start with a short-chain necklace closer to your neck, and the rest of the necklaces can be longer. Allow for a clear distance between them. Mix & match in different chains is, therefore, a must and an excellent choice for your everyday life.

Finally, you can match your necklaces with a larger pendant, for example a coin or a shell or a colorful stone. More is more this season implies not just a lot of chains but also pendants or oversized stone necklaces or charms.