Maria Tripolitaki Vesper Beauty & Fashion editor

Italy is a country that has offered a lot, not just in fashion and style, but also in culture. Istanbul, on the other hand, is the bridge between East and West , a mixture of beauty that can not leave you indifferent. Assouline, the “first brand of luxury culture”, published two wonderful books that talk about culture and style

Italian Chic

The Italian culture emerging from the history of Rome, the Venice canals, Milan high fashion, the beloved pasta alla bolognese, the architecture of Portofino and the blue waters of Capri and the Amalfi were and always always be interwoven with style and high aesthetics. Daria Reina and Andrea Ferolla try to show this side of Italy through a new perspective. The Italian couple, creative directors, designers and communication consultants for more than 20 years in luxury brands, challenge readers to discover hidden aspects of Italy from North to South, offering them the best choices, but also letting them discover more on their own. The Italian Chic is a guide to elegance and beauty, of what else? Italy of course.

Bosphorus Private

Bosphorus from ancient times till our days is known for the beauty it offers in Turkey. A mixture of East and West, history and tradition, a crossroads of cultures, different people, delicious food and architecture that everyone admires. Famous creators like Tommy Hilfiger, Christian Louboutin, Nicky Haslam and Cher have been inspired here. The combination of calming waters, bridges and wonderful houses that adorn the shores of Bosphorus is what excites tourists. But the best is in the private homes of its residents, where retro coexists with modern elements. Everyone has a story to tell that connects them with this side of Bosporus. Twenty houses open their doors to Nevbahar Koç, a graduate of Fine Arts, and İrem Kınay, a partner of Assouline in Turkey to reveal their secret aspects. The  Bosphorus Private is a hymn to the beauty of Bosporus.