Spring is officially here and we are delighted to be closer to summer and enjoy the flowery smell of April in the air. However, during this time of the year, every year, we face the most critical question: What shall I wear today?

This season, requires passe- partout pieces and layering, as well as colours that set the mood of the day and boost our confidence. This is why we selected for you…and for us, the top trending items of Spring 2021. From the classic trench coat, to the athleisure white sneaker. Furthermore you will definitely find the accessories that match your personal style and daily needs.

The trench coat

The all time classic piece of your spring wardrobe, the trench coat. You can wear it all day long since it is ideal for the… unpredictable April weather. Choose a neutral colour that matches almost all your clothes and get ready for some stylish strolls in the city.

The Puff Sleeves

A trend we certainly know from past seasons, now makes a comeback! Puff sleeves add a touch of femininity and romance, if you choose a top or a dress in pastel colours, but they can also be a statement piece if you prefer impressive, fluo tones.

Business look with a spring twist 

Blazers is the perfect choice for sunny spring days and they offer style to a day at the office or a stroll around the city, when matched properly. For a strict business look, try wearing the blazer with cigarette trousers and for a more casual look, match it with jeans and white sneakers.

The White Shirt

The white shirt is without a question one of our favourite pieces, since we start wearing it in spring and we embrace it all summer long. Whether we prefer it in a loose or tight line, in a classic design or with a twist, it is the ultimate spring wardrobe staple. Wear it with jeans, a zip culotte or a blazer, all day long and at any occasion.

The Zip culotte

One more fashion item that has joined our list of favourite pieces, since it combines style with comfort. The zip culotte is the ideal choice for our spring walks in town and it is also considered a passe-partout piece, since we can rock it on various occasions. Match it with ankle boots or sneakers for a casual appearance or wear it with your favourite mules and steal the show.

The Midi Skirt

Now is the time to say goodbye to winter trousers and leggings and welcome the midi skirt! This spring season, it is one of the biggest trends, especially in denim, but you can choose it in various fabrics and designs that suit your body type and personal style. You can wear a midi skirt in a flowy fabric, in earthy and pastel tones, with a pair of mid-heels or even your white sneakers.


The straw bag & market tote 

According to the American Vogue, the ultimate trend for Spring 2021, is the handmade straw bags and market totes, that are actually the shopping bags usually made of canvas or fishnet! Famous fashion designers, have redesigned the plain super market tote and made it the star of their spring collection.

The Sneakers 

The sneakers, especially in white color, is one of the most clever purchases you can make- in case you don’t have them in your wardrobe already- since they are, as well, one of the most trending items. You can even wear them with your most glamorous clothes! Match them with a pair of jeans or zip culotte for a casual and comfy morning walk or wear them with a midi skirt in a bright colour and some glam accessories to create a statement look.