We may have stayed home, in quarantine for some time, but now we go back little by little to everyday life you used to have. We have started going to work, shopping, and for a coffee.

Summer is coming soon, so why don’t we have a look at the latest fashion trends?

We can already see at the most of the eshops their summer collection, and we will see a lot more especially as the temperature rises. The “hot” colors for this season are earthy shades such as beige and brown, camel, black, green, orange and pink.


Loafers are very comfortable, but also elegant women’s shoes that will reign supreme this year. We can wear them from now until late Autumn. Ideally at work, they perfectly complete an office look.

loafers luigi

Loafers, Luigi

loafer zara

Loafers, Zara

Sandals with a square toe

This season square toe shoes is a trend, mainly mid-heel sandals and sandals in general. Truth be told they are a lot more comfortable than round toe shoes.

luigi πέδιλα με τετράγωνη μύτη

Mid-heel  black sandals with a square toe, Luigi

zara λευκό πέδιλο με τετράγωνη μύτη

High-heel sandals, Zara

Top designs

Florals, straps, straw and vinyl will be starring on fishermen mules, espadrilles and sandals.

forebelle mules

Mules, Forebelle