If you want your home to be transformed into a your own quite sanctuary, then there are five interior designer’s rules that you would like to know and follow!

A nice home doesn’t necessarily follow the trends

You can easily be influenced by various decor products which are trendy. It is best to see your space as a whole and not each room separately. It doesn’t matter if you decorate your house with brand names or with the top colors. What’s really important is to express your own character through your homes’ decoration. Of course you can always add a plant to your hall.

Decorate based on the way you live

It makes sense to pay attention to materials and furniture that have a beautiful design, but that doesn’t  mean that they really have a place in your home. The focal point of the decoration should be your needs and your way of life. Always of course in combination with your space layout. The goal is to make your life easier and your home more beautiful.

Highlight your favorite items

In the past, you used to put your favorite items in a closet, because you were afraid that they would not fit into the aesthetics of the house. But interior designers now tend to show off such items. They believe that an old, handmade rug or your mother’s jewelry, can be used as decor, hanging on the wall.

Color harmony

Another rule is the color harmony or a monochromatic colour palette. If you want to feel calm in your home, you have to choose the colour that suits you best for the walls and on some objects, such as a pillow or a throw.


More is more

The last interior designer’s rule is that more is more as far as the furniture is concerned, especially if minimalism does not express you.