The journey in the history of the most trendy, chic and at the same time elegant garment, “blue jean”, started timidly by Levi Strauss, an immigrant and businessman, and the Latvian tailor Jacob Daves who was his textile supplier. Levi Strauss and Jacob Daves, manufactured and enshrined the pants “XX” which then became known as “501”.  The US government has since patented them with patent No.139.121. The blue-jean founded by Strauss, ended up being from a humble garment to the most popular and timeless one, worldwide. It was first worn by stars of 1914’s silent cinema, including William Hart, popular singer Bing Crosby, Paul Newman, from American soldiers, sailors and miners in the 1940s. Loved by 50’s sex symbol Marilyn Monroe, Rock&Roll King Elvis Presley, coveted Brigitte Bardot, tough Clark Gable, charmer Marlon Brando and James Dean. Who would have imagined that a humble garment would promote elegance and be in fashion for decades? Who would have imagined that a pair of simple pants would become a trademark of the stars and next door people at the same time? Blue-jean was originally made  from a sail cloth and later replaced by cotton fabric known as denim. It is worn with great success equally by men and women. Below we present the most iconic moments in the long history of a pioneer clothing.



The Legendary King of Rock&Roll, who so flexibly cradled his hips, influenced generations with his music, song and dance. Presley, apart from being a very handsome man and singer, he also paid a lot of attention to his appearance and the blue jeans were some favorite pieces in his wardrobe. Besides, if Elvis Presley couldn’t be the ambassador of Levi’s blue-jeans, then who could be? Presley appeared wearing Levis jeans in the Western Comedy Film’s “Stay away”, making once more a big impression. Thousands of boys copied his hair and style in his every apperance. The crowds were screaming and this free style passed through music in fashion. Every young person at the time, who didn’t want to look like their parents, adopted his style and the jeans took off.





James Dean was one of Hollywood’s most charming American actors, while his melancholic eyes, his “baby face”, his rich blond hair and his sophisticated style made thousands of girls to heartbeat and men to adopt  his style. James Dean first wore blue jeans in the notorious and expensive film that broke the box office of the time, “Rebel without a Cause” in 1955. Dean who was wearing a jean, a t-shirt and a red leather jacket, made without knowing the best advertisement for Strauss. Besides being an actor , the Hollywood star was transformed into a fashion icon. His style remained in history and his appearance was recorded as one of the most iconic moments ever.

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He was an effortless handsome man, unconventional and subversive, but above all, one of the most popular figures in the worldwide cinema. His personal and iconic style made him stand out as he did not follow the clichés of the time. Each of his films was a lesson of style, elegance and taste. He always had a thoughtful and special style in all of his films. When you hear the name of  Marlon Brando, what kind of images comes to your mind? Certainly that of the beautiful young boy in “The Wild One” in 1953 who mad an impression with his beauty and especially his style that established him as “wild”, fatal and sexy. Marlon Brando appeared on screen with jeans, a biker jacket and beret and automatically skyrocketed his carrier. The cool young biker of “The Wild One” left his mark in dozens of generations.

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The Wild One — movie clip part 2

Movie Clip Part 2 — Johnny meets Kathy …

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Since the blonde bombshell Hollywood movie star Marylin Monroe wore blue-jeans, they were officially incorporated into women’s life in 1960’s. Monroe wore Levi Strauss blue-jeans on the set of “The Misfits” as well as in “River of no Return”, taking off the garment with her gorgeous body and curves. Thousands of American women later adopted this style. We may be used to seeing Monroe in many photos of her everyday life in tight midi and sexy dresses, but she adored blue jeans too.


Bebe or Brigitte Bardot, actress, singer, legend and sex symbol of the 50’s and 60’s, was considered to be a symbol of women’s emancipation and sexual liberation, so she could not be missing from our list. Like other stars, BB (Bebe) incorporated this timeless outfit in her closet. Monroe and Bardot were among the first female stars to wear this classic and elegant garment that embraced their silhouette, and later it was  adopted by thousands of girls. The “femme fatale” at the time, made a rather impressive appearance with a levi blue jean at Nice, Cannes in 1957. Bardot combined her high-waisted blue jean with a white T-shirt, which made her silhouette even more provocative and signed with this way the perfection in the history of jean.

Brigitte Bardot in Nice 1957

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