Anna Harvey, Princess Diana’s stylist, is well-known in the fashion industry and has also made a career as a stylist in both Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. The fact that Princess Diana has left her mark in fashion history as a very stylish lady, is mostly because of this woman.

She has said “I believe that at 72 I will not wear short skirts and high boots, but that does not mean that at 50 I will leave my bikini or leggings in the gym.”
And she also gave the following tips for perfect style after 50:
Wear your jewelry during the days when you do not feel confident. The best moment to put on an impressive pair of earrings or an expensive necklace is when you will not feel so great. A little shine always manages to cheer us up.

Say yes to color.
Avoid wearing black or white all the time. Say yes also to brown, caramel, light blue and burgundy.

Coat, a key piece.
Our favourite jacket looks more elegant over a dress or skirt, than with a pair of jeans.

 The jacket “test”. 
Every time we try on a jacket we should stretch our hands forward and check if it fits well on both the hands (wrists) and the back. If the sleeves do not wrinkle or are not too tight at some point then it is an ideal jacket for us.
Say No to shiny tights.
Shiny tights tend to add… weight. To achieve the opposite effect, choose monochromatic matte tights.