White is one of the most aristocratic, chic and summer color. You can match it with another hue or you can opt for a total white outfit. White,  with any kind of combination,  is the trend that reigns supreme for summer 2020.

stradivarius τοπ κοντό

Crop top, Stradivarius

stradivarius σορτς

White shorts, Stradivarius

You can create casual or formal outfits, based on white, which you will wear all day long.  At work, at a stroll, at the beach, or even on a trip. The ultimate minimalist color, stands out once again.

bershka τζιν λευκό

White jean,Bershka

bershka βερμούδα

Plush Bermuda shorts, Bershka

Whether you choose a more comfy style, a more sophisticated or a sexy one, white will elevate your outfit and makeup. Linen shirts, knitted tops, jeans, bags, sneakers, sandals, jumpsuits, all in white for this season.

zara μίντι λευκό φόρεμα

Midi white dress, Zara

zara λευκή τσάντα

Plaited tote bag, Zara

Don’t forget that white  is synonymous with a sense of purity, freshness, luxury and elegance. It is a safe choice, like the exact opposite color, black. Ideally this summer you can combine white with stripes or pleated fabrics.