Our wedding day  is definitely one of the most important days of our lives. From the moment of the coveted marriage proposal, we begin to organise everything in our minds. Before getting to this important day, it requires careful preparation for every detail. The bride is the centre of attention, so it is reasonable for her to be anxious about everything. We start several months before the event to find the perfect wedding dress, what shoes to wear, what hairstyle and make up to do, how to decorate our nails and choose our jewelry.


 Swarovski, earrings

swarovski βραχιόλι χρυσό

Swarovski, gold bracelet

The jewelry that we will wear to our wedding day should match perfectly the wedding dress. There is no need for exaggerations, especially if the wedding dress is over decorated, like embellished with small jewels. In general, the rule “less is more” is very important in the case of  jewelry.

Time to Wed - editorial

Lillian Papoutsoglou

fashion wedding editorial Wed Up Your Mind issue 7

Lillian Papoutsoglou


We need jewelry that will make us look charming and fabulous and they will showcase our wedding dress. All the jewellery should match and should not shine more than us. Beautiful and elegant jewelry, usually gold or silver, are perfect for a wedding! A bracelet, a pair of earrings and a necklace, and we are ready for our special day.

On the other hand if your  wedding gown is more clean in lines and embellishment  and you want to be more glamorous, you can choose a statement jewelry, with precious stones or swarovski crystals. As known, diamonds symbolize eternity and commitment. With such jewelry you will surely be very dazzling!