The hairstyle a woman chooses is very important and it determines her total look. Depending on the haircut or the styling she does for her night out she can enhance her appearance and highlight some of her face features.

Not every haircut is a perfect match for every woman. Sometimes a haircut may even make us look older, something I am sure none of us want. That’s why we found for you the trendy hairstyles for this season, to give you some ideas so that you’ll see what really suits you.

Let’s start with the short haircuts. In 2019 we see that curly hair and the messy bed hair look are trends, creating a worry free sense and sexiness. It is very  easy to recreate this look.

κοντά κατσαρά μαλλιά

When short hair are slightly shaved to the side, you can do a fringe haircut or make small braids for a more romantic hairstyle. So if you are a fan of short hair don’t be afraid, just go for it, because it is in fashion and you can achieve various and impressive hairstyles.


κοντά μαλλιά με φράντζα

For medium length haircuts, you can play with the shape of your face and make a hairstyle that accentuates your jawline, or  hide your cheeks, or you can make bangs, especially if you have an oval face or big forehead. Beware, because bangs change your face a lot and it’s good to check if they suit you before you actually cut your hair. If you want to have a simple bob, you can also try out a fringe.

μαλλιά μεσαίου μήκους με αφέλειες

Finally for long hair, this season trend is straight hairstyles instead of layers haircut. Also wavy hair, with beach curls, is definitely in fashion for one more summer. They add points to your style and make you look sexy but cute at the same time, depending on the outfit you match them with. The bun and the half updo, will make you look just as fabulous to  an evening stroll, or on occasions such as a christening or a wedding, which are very common in the summer.

μακριά μαλλιά πιασμένα μισά πάνω μισά κάτω

μακριά μαλλιά σε κότσο

μακριά ίσια μαλλιά