Fashion, as any other modern art, always keeps up with social changes. Therefore, it is influenced by the numerous changes that happened to our lives due to Covid-19. Our daily routine, our professional life, the way we enjoy our leisure time, have drastically changed during the past year and as it seems, many of these new habits will follow us even after the pandemic. Observing this new norm, fashion industry is already working on the upcoming trends.

“Change had to come. It was thought that it would come gradually but this scenario was far from true” said the deputy director of Vogue Italia and director of Vogue Talents, Sara Maino.

Transeasonal Clothes

Two new terms were introduced to us lately; work&home wear and transeasonal clothes. Multifunctional clothing that we can wear at work and at home. Pieces that we can enjoy all year long but also, the mix & match of both winter and summer items. In this way, we utilize our wardrobe all year long.

Johanna Ortiz Spring Collection 2021


Alexander McQueen Spring Collection 2021


No Rules in Fashion

In addition, we return to past trends, like the 70s aesthetics with the motto “No Rules in Fashion”. Clothes that inspire freedom and personal expression. Big patterns, florals, print on print, denim, color blocking and flowy silhouettes, are some of the trends that will be dominant in Spring Collections of famous brands.

Gucci Spring Collection 2021

The Eco-Friendly Movement

An essential, current need is Sustainable Fashion. Eco-friendly clothes are a big challenge for many fashion designers and brands, since only a few actually can afford the production of sustainable clothes. It is estimated that such a choice, would increase their annual expenses up to 25%-30%. However, it is worth mentioning that during the latest years, many fashion brands, have created eco-friendly collections eg. eco-fur, faux leather, recycled fashion.

Colorful Minimalism

For those of you who believe that “Less is More”, we have some good news. Minimalism is back and not just as a choice but also as a necessity. Quality over Quantity. Classic clothes, in simple lines and pastel colors (baby blue, pink, lavender) or black&white, are matched with large prints and accessories.

Johanna Ortiz Spring Collection 2021

Safety is a Fashion Statement

No matter how much we all anticipate to stroll around the city without a face mask, fashion designers have turned this essential accessory into a fashion item. Monochromatic or with big patterns, in different fabrics and textures, as well as unique designs, face masks are the new trend that is here to stay.

Mam Originals Face Mask

The upcoming collections, pay attention to quality over quantity. Transseasonal clothes that we can wear all year long. Clothes that inspire our unique personality and style. Our wardrobe consists quality wardrobe essentials, since our cheap, fast fashion clothing is replaced by a few classic, high-quality pieces.

Let’s keep in mind that this is not the first time a dramatic social change alters World Fashion. During World War I, Coco Chanel created female couture clothes from pieces of jersey male underwear, changing women’s fashion, forever.





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