Aris Katsigiannis is a very talented freelance photographer and travel filmmaker based in Athens. He specializes in travel photography and film production, as well as corporate film production. He has collaborated with many well-known companies such as: Hewlett-Packard (HP), Switzerland Tourism, Huawei, Swiss airlines, MINI by BMW, Wella, Fix Hellas, Cosmote.


The Dreams Can’t Be Quarantined video is a project of particular importance. It all started with the start of the traffic ban. Aris Katsigiannis, a well-known Greek director and photographer based in Athens, had a sudden idea. He began to think about how something positive could come out of this global crisis we are living in. There he remembered the amount of video material he had collected from Greece. Infinite beautiful shots that could be used to create something very strong. That’s how the idea for the Dreams Can’t Be Quarantined video started. After endless hours of editing and the help of his creative team, he made a video that gives an optimistic message to all the people of the world. The universal message that dreams cannot be quarantined and that we must not let the virus and this whole situation make us forget our dreams.


This project’s main goal is to share the universal message that our dreams can’t be quarantined and that people should not forget their dreams. This video shares a story through Greece’s point of view but also gives voice to people worldwide that are dealing with this crisis. At the end of the video, people from all over the world are shown, each sending their own positive message. Thus striking the pessimism that has plagued the whole world. People from Portugal, USA, Italy, Nepal, Colombia, Greece, France, Australia, Argentina, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Chile, England, Bolivia, Spain, Venezuela, Indonesia, Indigenous, Kuwait, Puerto, Pakistan , Romania, Norway, Brazil, Canada, Serbia, Germany, India, Dubai, Ecuador, Russia, Sweden, Netherlands, Slovakia, Costa Rica, Lebanon, Hong Kong, Ireland, Morocco, Cyprus, Belgium and Morocco share their own positive message. Through this video many values and universal truths that must be spread to everyone are expressed. We might all be scared, confused and fighting this crisis in our own way. But one thing is for sure. Our dreams cannot be quarantined. We are all in this together. So we need to stay positive and united and better days will come. Our dreams can’t be quarantined.


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