“Greek summer”, is a phrase that immediately brings us in mind the sun, the Aegean, the white colour of Cyclades and the carefree summer nights, when we explore the islands or enjoy our favourite cocktail at a lounge bar, wearing flowy tunics and comfortable sandals. One of our most favourite moments, if not the most (!), is when choosing the resort wear that will accompany us to our holidays. Clothing that inspires finesse and compliments our personal style, while offering comfort and ease.

Like the hopeless summer lovers we are, we got inspired by the current warm, sunny days and selected the most unique greek brands and their resort wear collections for strolling around the island or going out for a summer city walk. In any case, these brands offer the much needed mindset of Greek summer.

Greek Archaic Kori

A lifestyle brand, based in Athens, creates and promotes couture clothes of great quality and unique aesthetic, inspired by the archaic era. Looks that inspire femininity and mentally transport us to the greek islands. All creations are inspired by the sunlight and the sea. If you love minimal, geometric lines and ethereal  fabrics, then Greek Archaic Kori is the right brand for you.


source: Instagram/ Greek Archaic Kori


A concept store based on the isle of Crete, could not but inspire the islander’s state of mind and promote the greek element. The name of the brand itself, comes from the phrase “Apo Ellada” (from Hellas). Apoella, collects clothing items and accessories from Greece and abroad, that have one thing in common; the creation of couture beach wear. One click on their official  instagram account will do the trick.

source: Instagram/ Apoella

Pathos Collection

Every summer look needs the right accessories. Therefore, jewellery designer Vaso Panagopoulou, creates impressive necklaces and colourful ethnic bracelets, with love for the cosmopolitan culture of greek islands and our “pathos” (passion) for fashion.

source: Instagram/ Pathos Collection

Νema Resort Wear

If you are an ethnic bohemian chic (with a greek twist) enthusiast, you will love this brand. Comfy clothes with eye catching embroidered details and geometric prints, inspired by different parts of the world, but always celebrating greek culture, will make you stand out from the crowd!

source: Instagram / NEMA Resort Wear