Quarantine is democratic as it doesn’t exclude anyone from its list whether you’re a celebrity or not. There are celebrities who inspire us by setting the best example and proving that we can make the most of our time in the best possible way without been melancholic during the social distancing. We’re no different from many famous people, instead we realise that we have more in common than we thought. For example, Kendal Jenner is posing in the middle of a quarantine in her room, taking selfies and having a “beaute” and the exuberant Madonna who is pampering herself and  singing in her bathroom while Leonardo di Caprio helps people with his activist actions and Tom Hanks encourages people through the NBC show, Saturday Night Live from the kitchen of his home. Lets  take all of them as an example and stop feeling trapped and isolated.



Madonna, also known as the queen of pop, is one of the best examples that staying home is not punishment but fun. The famous star not only she doesn’t fall psychologically but shows us that she spends her time having fun by devoting time to her beauty routine, in the luxurious bathroom of her mansion singing acapella and the video attracts many comments. The singer thought to entertain her fans in this way by setting a good example for us to have a good time during quarantine.





She is considered one of the most beautiful women on the planet. The famous model and youngest daughter of the Kardashians, the gorgeous and stylish Kendall Jenner found a way not to be bored and remain flawless and beautiful during the difficult days of quarantine. A few days ago she posted a photo of herself posing in the camera having a “beaute” and playing Nintendo, passing her own message that quarantine doesn’t necessarily have to be monotonous but can end up in extreme fun.

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Leonardo di Caprio, the award-winning actor known for his activism in collaboration with Laurene Pawell Jobs (Steve’s widow), Apple and the Ford Foundation, has donated $12 million to create America’s Food Fund. The famous star of Hollywood will share this large amount with World Central Kitchen and Feeding America, helping people most affected by the pandemic, such as poor school-based children who rely on schools meals and the elderly. So his own response to quarantine is that by helping the weakest as much as we can, we feel a lot better.


The actor was selected in this episode of NBC’s Saturday Night Live show with the video being shot in the kitchen of his home, to be the presenter of the show, that aired on Saturday night in the USA, and he made a terrific monologue.  The famous actor was not chosen by chance, as he and his wife were quarantined due to coronavirus infection. The famous actor refers with humor to his health adventure, giving courage to the world. Hanks said that after many days of quarantine, it was difficult for him to put on clothes so his wife helped him get dressed. The show ended with a touching musical farewell to Hal Wilmer, the show’s music producer since the 1980s, when he passed away at the age of 64 due to corona virus infection.