Paris is truly a dream city that everyone wants to visit, at least once in their life! As a month has passed since our summer vacation and due to the situation with the Coronavirus it is difficult to visit international destinations, one thing is for sure you need something to “travel” you and ideally to Paris!

The new Netflix series “Emily in Paris” is what you are looking for. The title says it all. Ten episodes shot in the most beautiful places in Paris, and a strong dose of our favorite city, is just what we are looking for! Of course, there are also a lot of love strories, since Paris and romance go hand in hand. It is worth mentioning that the creator of the series is Darren Star and the stylist is Patricia Field, a successful duo from “Sex and the City”.

Αν χρειάζεσαι μια γερή δόση Παρισιού τότε πρέπει να δεις το “Έμιλι στο Παρίσι” από το Netflix

So Emily is a young woman from Chicago who works for a marketing company and she accepts a position in Paris, in a smaller company that has just been bought by the company she works for. Full of enthusiasm and without any knowledge of the French language, she arrives at her destination ready to bring the American point of view to the company. However, things are not as she expected, since communication with her colleagues is hard. However, she does not give up and tries to face with optimism any obstacle that it is presented. Of course, at the same time, Emily has some flirts but she also finds real love that she cannot fulfill!

I personally I’ve watched the whole series in one afternoon! From the moment it started, I could not stop. Apart from the amazing places and the Parisian atmosphere, I especially liked that the story deals with a modern theme and a new reality of our times, such as social media. It was like I traveled with her and this series really made my day!


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On the other hand, it is mentioned on the press that there are reactions from the French who claim that they do not recognize their real daily life in the series. Also some elements such as smoking at work places, but also the sexist attitude that the French seem to have in the series.

Anyway, it is a series that would be characterized as a romantic comedy and it has definitely won over the audience that loves this kind!