Pastel make up has become a viral trend, as we to return to our “normal” lives. We saw this bright make up, on Euphoria’s make up artist Doniella Davy’s Instagram, but also on celebrities like Ariana Grande. Pastel shades in makeup add a modern glow, make our eyes look bigger and gives us a romantic touch.

In HBO’s “Euphoria” drama, we saw a new aesthetic side of makeup, with sharp winged eyeliner, sequins, glitter and colorful eye shadows. These pastel combinations makes our face look more expressive.

As summer is connected with light colors, this is the right time to choose a pastel makeup. We don’t need to be afraid of this make up, neither to think that the outcome will be too much, as long as we follow a basic rule in makeup. We always emphasize on one figure of our face, either on our eyes or on our lips.