It is important to have in our wardrobe those key pieces that we will wear regularly and they won’t just be left hanging there and take up space. For this reason we must carefully choose clothes that are easily mixed and matched with many of our existing clothes. Such a piece is the white jacket. White as a neutral color can be easily combined with many other colors.

#VesperStylish girl, Terry Paganopoulou has three outfit suggestions to wear in different occasions, using the same white jacket. This particular jacket has a light satin texture and it can upgrade any of your looks, even your everyday outfits.

The first outfit is ideal for a romantic night out, something topical since Valentine’s Day is close. Wear the Jacket over a black sleeveless bodycon dress. A red dress is an excellent choise as well and it can be even more impressive! Complete your look with long earrings.

The second styling is a great office fit. The white jacket will add a touch of luxury and will brighten you up! Pair it with classic suit pants and a basic top. Complete the outfit with an impressive rhinestone necklace.

What’s most important though, it’s that you can wear this jacket even in your casual looks. It can be matched perfectly with your jeans and a basic t-shirt. Add a playful touch and liven up your outfit with a colorful necklace.