Braids are the favorite hairstyle, of all ages, during the summer. They offer you the comfort and the coolness you need to face the heat. This season there is a very specific style that reigns supreme. French braids with colored extensions or otherwise known as boxer braids. These are double braids, left and right on the head, in contrast to the cornrow braids that we are used to.

This new hairstyle trend has flooded social media feed even by celebrities. Why not, after all, since it combines practicality, playfulness and an impressive result. Bright colors and extremely long braids will make you the center of attention.

Boxer braids come to complement the general trend of the athleisure look of recent years. An athletic hairstyle that can be combined with our daily appearances but at the same time it is dynamic makes us stand out.

You can make several variations in the hairstyle starting with the classic French braid, which is the natural hair braided with the colored extensions, and ending with various designs at the bottom of the braids. You can use one color and more if you want something more fun!

The hairstyle requires patience as it takes a long time to do it, but the outcome is rewarding. It lasts about 2 weeks and the extensions can be reused.

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