One of the most successful series of the subscription tv, Netflix, “La Casa de Papel” has left viewers in suspense. On one hand because the plot is at its peak and on the other hand because a year has passed since the premiere of the last season. The audience is looking forward to the fifth season, and their expectations were that it would have been broadcasted by now.

However, it seems that they have to be patient because according to the creator’s statement, Alex Pina, the new season is not expected to be released before September. It is definitely a long time, but we must take into account the conditions that prevail worldwide and certainly affect the schedule of the series. The creator also added that it took some time to develop the plot in the best possible way in order to offer viewers another exciting season.

As the story, according to the creator comes to an end, the new season will have two additional episodes. In an earlier interview with a Spanish newspaper, the creator justified the fact that it could not be continued as the actors of the series are in great demand for other productions and it is difficult to keep such a big cast.

The shooting of the last season started in August 2020. The series has filmed in Copenhagen, Denmark, Portugal and Spain. The end of filming is supposed to have taken place in Madrid in January ’21.