Nowadays, that we have to stay home for our own safety and that of our loved ones, we try to find ways to pass our time. Away from the fast pace of everyday life, it’s an opportunity to relax. Of course there are many who work from home, but since they do not waste any time on the road and without any other obligations, there is certainly plenty of time for everyone.

Definitely one of the things we will do is to watch television, and a large majority has subscribed to the world-famous subscription channel, Netflix. There you can watch movies and series of different kinds. Detective, thrillers, comedies and more. Personally I really like everything about fashion, beauty, decoration and more of these beautiful and creative things. So I’ve got a list for you, of all the series that have these τthemes, which unfortunately aren’t that many, so you don’t have to go through the countless channel choices.


Next in Fashion

This is a competition in fashion design. The beloved Alexa Chung and Tan France are two amazing designers who present the show with a touch of humor and this makes watching the series very enjoyable. We are used to such competitions abroad, like Project Runway, but what makes this one special is that the eighteen contestants, are designers who have worked in major fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Stella McCartney. and have collaborated with famous stars.

Οι πιο δημιουργικές σειρές του Netflix που θα σε εμπνεύσουν


The World’s most extraordinary homes

Actress and presenter Caroline Quentin, along with architect Piers Taylor, are lucky enough to visit and stay in architecturally beautiful homes around the world. This documentary is divided into four categories. Houses located in mountains, forests, coasts and underground. The presenters are invited to spend a day in these amazing houses and guide us through their wonderful spaces, while Taylor gives us insights into their architecture, their construction difficulties and why they are truly special.

Οι πιο δημιουργικές σειρές του Netflix που θα σε εμπνεύσουν

Interior Design

Interior Design Masters

Aspiring interior designers are invited to this competition to transform various spaces. Participants have a limited budget each time that they have to use in the smartest way possible to completely transform places like dorms, hotel rooms, shops, and even an intire apartment.

Οι πιο δημιουργικές σειρές του Netflix που θα σε εμπνεύσουν

Stay Here

Interior Designer Genevieve Gorder, in her own unique style, decorates houses for short rental, the latest trend in tourist accommodation, and transforms them into real diamonds.


Glow Up

A group of talented Make Up Artists compete in some interesting challenges. I think I haven’t seen anything like it so far and I’m happy that makeup gets into this game as I believe that you can see great and inspiring.

Οι πιο δημιουργικές σειρές του Netflix που θα σε εμπνεύσουν


The Final Table

We have seen many cooking contests and it is unlikely a new reality show will impress us. But the final table has something new to offer. The contestants are chefs with many years of experience and some of them have actually been awarded with Michelin Stars! Yes you heard it right! So it’s worth watching the show.

Οι πιο δημιουργικές σειρές του Netflix που θα σε εμπνεύσουν


Blown Away

Ten contestants create magnificent glass artworks, each inspired by a different theme. A very beautiful show that takes you through the magic of glass blow process, from sand to a piece of art.

Οι πιο δημιουργικές σειρές του Netflix που θα σε εμπνεύσουν