There is a saying “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” and it couldn’t be more true for Reese Witherspoon‘s son, who both of his parents are actors. We refer to Reese Witherspoon‘s son from her first marriage with Ryan Philippe, Deacon Philippe. The young man made his debut on tv, in a Netflix series entitled, “Never Have I Ever”.

Reese Witherspoon: ο γιος της συμμετέχει σε σειρά του Netflix

Source Lara Solanki / Netflix

It is a teenage series starring a girl who lives in America and comes from India. Devi, as the girl in the series is called, is a 15-year-old schoolgirl who has lost her father and has just recovered from the psychological trauma that left her temporarily disabled. After a bad first year at school she decides to raise her popularity, but the situations she lives in don’t make it easy for her.

Ryan Philippe Deacon Reese Witherspoon

Deacon Philippe, makes his appearance in the 3rd season of the series which will be released on August 12th, 2022, as Parker. He plays the rival of Devi and her debate team. So we wait to see if Deacon, who turned 18 in October 21st of 2021, will have the same brilliant career as his parents.

Ava Elizabeth Philippe

Although his parents are no longer together, they maintain a very good relationship, as they also share custody of their two children, Deacon and Ava Elizabeth, who will turn 23 in September. Ava, who has inherited her parents’ good looks, is modeling while studying at UC Berkley. The two siblings are joined in the list by offspring of famous people who are making international careers, such as Kaia Gerber, Lily Rose Depp and Iris and Rafferty Law.