After the great success of the romantic tv series of Netflix, “Bridgerton”, the audience was looking forward to a new season. The popular subscription platform, announced the continuation of the series in January 2021 for the 2nd season while in April 2021 for the 3rd and 4th season!

Ποια θα είναι η νέα ρομαντική ιστορία στη σειρά "Μπρίτζερτον"

The drama – romance series takes place in London in 1813, starring a wealthy and respectable family of that era, “The Bridgertons”, and is based on the books of the author, Julia Quinn. The first book, “The Duke and I”, narrates the romantic adventure of the family’s eldest daughter, Daphne, who after her debut is looking for the ideal husband who will make her happy and offer her a beautiful family.

After Daphne’s story, it is now the turn of the family’s eldest son Anthony Bridgerton, according to the second book, “The Viscount Who Loved me”. From the first season he lives a forbidden love and shows no intention of marriage. But now things have changed and Anthony has already chosen a bride. But nothing is that simple. His fiancée’s stepsister, Kate Sheffield, who believes that a repentant ladies man can not be a good husband. So she is determined to break up the engagement, believing that this is how she protects her sister.

Ποια θα είναι η νέα ρομαντική ιστορία στη σειρά "Μπρίτζερτον"

The author has written eight novels, each of which is about one of the Bridgerton family offsprings. If the seasons follow the order in which the books were written, then logically the 3rd season will be about Brother Benedict. The book is called “An Offer From a Gentleman” and Benedict falls in love with a mysterious girl he met in a masquerade ball. The fourth book is called “Romancing Mister Bridgerton” and is about Colin who confronts the attention of the notorious gossip columnist, Lady Wisdown, who mentions him in her articles all the time.

Ποια θα είναι η νέα ρομαντική ιστορία στη σειρά "Μπρίτζερτον"

Netflix announced through Lady Wisddown that the shooting of the 2nd season will start in Spring 2021. Due to the pandemic, however, it asked the public to be patient, because it is difficult to have more details on when the production process is expected to be completed.